Hydrangea 'pinky winky'.  I love Hydrangeas.  I planted six this Spring.

Pinky Winky Hydrangea: A new cold-hardy Hydrangea paniculata that displays large, two-toned flower heads of deep pink and white in midsummer and blooms reliably regardless of climate.

Pinky Winky Hydrangea - this works in full sun - or could plant limelite hydrangea.

Pinkie Winkie Hydrangea Planted in honor of my Mom whose nickname was 'Pinkie'.her favorite color.

Hydrangea Pinky Winky. Previous year's wood can be pruned back to leave only two buds at the base of each stem in very early spring to encourage larger panicles.

Hydrangea Pinky Winky® (Hardy Hydrangea)

Hydrangea paniculata Pinky Winky Hardy Hydrangea Type: Shrubs Height: Tall (Plant apart) Bloom Time: Early Summer to Early Fall Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Half Sun/ Half Shade Zones: Find Your Zone Soil Condition: Normal Flower Color / Accent: Pink / Mixed

Hydrangea Pinky Winky.

Similar to the Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea, the Pinky Winky Hydrangea has huge pink and white cone blooms,but the Pinky Winky is extremely cold hardy even surviving growing zone 3 winters! Now that is a tough hydrangea!

Barbara Mitchell daylily, Echinacea Razzmatazz with Hydrangea Pinky Winky and Delphinium elatum Pagan Purples.

'Barbara Mitchell' daylily, Echinacea 'Razzmatazz' with Hydrangea 'Pinky Winky' and Delphinium elatum 'Pagan Purples', and Persicaria polymorpha