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This Hyena hoodie features a crazy large mohawk between a pair big round ears with inlaid fleece tufts.The paw sleeves feature a tufted edge around the paws and each spot on the back and sid.

lion king hyenas | Hyenas, as portrayed in The Lion King


.Add some chocolate, and whipped cream, and a cherry on top, and let's call ya, a Prozac Sundae. LOL

Funny… but true…

Well aren't you just a fun filled little lollipop triple dipped in psycho!

Awesome humanized design for hyena Shenzi from The Lion King (Art minicooly on Deviantart)

lion king scar hyenas | capseacusiz

Ed is bored XD Anyway, more The Lion King fanarts, deal with it (Just in my new style). I really love how i did Scar Ejem. TLK: Just listen to teacher