Reminds me of I Love Lucy!

Rockabilly & Pin up Hair and Makeup / Vintage/Rosie the Riveter look: click through for directions

I Love Lucy  Apron.. Vintage Inspired Sweetheart Style with a handmade Heart..Navy Blue Fabric with white polka dots-Full of Twirl... $44.00, via Etsy.

I Love Lucy Apron. Vintage Inspired Sweetheart Style with a handmade Heart. Navy Blue Fabric with white polka dots. Inspired by the episode "Sales Resistance".

Kerri: My daughter Kinley is wearing a simple easy to put together I Love Lucy costume. I found a cheap blue polka dot dress on ebay, added a red sweater and...

I Love Lucy - Halloween Costume Contest at

Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy  SIGNATURE STYLE:   Lucille Ball played down her natural glamour, opting instead for a kooky, lovable dizziness and a wardrobe filled with patterned shirtdresses.

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I Love Lucy. I loved her as a child I love her now.never tire of watching I Love Lucy reruns.

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Lucy, Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy costume

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Lucille Ball in a scene from the "Long Long Trailer" when she was hiding rocks she has collected. ♡♥ I Love Lucy