He might make me mad to the point where I see red. He might break something of mine. He might embarass me or tell me secrets to people, but he's my brother. He's the only one I have and I wouldn't trade him in for the world :) <3

My brother is a person that is important to me. He protects me and helps me out whenever i need it. My brother is a blessing in my life I love him to death

I'm so sorry Preston for how i have been acting. I love you so much! Never forget it!!!

I love my brother, he's simply amazing, I just couldn't imagine my life without him.

I love my awesome brothers they make me laugh and they help me a lot! thank you God for giving me my brothers!

I love brother I would not change or trade anything about him because he is my brother. I love my little brother (and baby brother!

I Love My Brother Quotes | love my brothers ♥ | Sayings I Like

I Love My Brother idc what others think of him he's still my big brother I love you brother 😍😘

i love  this picture because i love  my  brother and  it makes me think about  them when i see this.and makes me leap for Joy

I love my brothers. James, Aaron, Weston, Cliffton, and of course my Big Brother Chris.