Mr. T Cereal | 25 Cereals From The '80s You Will Never Eat Again

25 Cereals From The '80s You Will Never Eat Again

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I pity those that force this lesson on me. They too will fall from their own infidelity and cheating ways. I'm not fooled by them or their cheating ways.

CUTE! I have felt, and spare hairclips RIGHT NOW.  Bless you, you innovative creator you :)

I buy handmade like these Felt button hair clips, whenever I can. I love to support local and my crafty friends. Goodness knows I'm better at buying than making!

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to Knock Out anyone Taller, Bigger and Stronger than you - This is an excellent video. I am going to try this technique at my next sparring session. I pity the fool I get try this on.

How to Knock Out someone Taller, Bigger and Stronger than you. How to win a fight against someone stronger than you.

I pity the fool who doesn't phone home

Man, I don’t know who got disrespected more with this mashup… Mr. T or E. Either way, lets hope if we ever do have alien visitors to earth, they don’t share Mr.

I Pity The Fool: Season 1

I Pity The Fool: Season 1

Seriously this makes my day. I want to print it out and hang it in my cube.

Looking for a baby to dress up! Mr T-costume-baby-a team-kid. can't stop laughing! so bad, but so funny!