my opinion on this character : ikki  is what I like to call the playboy of the show the guy who's popular with ALL  the ladies they show him in four way first to he's a good fellow employee then shown as a boyfriend who fell in love with heroine which she has to keep update to stay with him and also the guy who gets the updates then last the psychotic playboy who was trying to win over heroines heart but failed (at least that's how I saw it)


Ikki is a fourth year University student and best friends with Kent. His real name is 'Ikkyu', but prefers his nickname 'Ikki'.

Amnesia - Ikki

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Amnesia Ikki *grabby hands* Make it blue spade <3

amnesia (idea factory) arakunae blue background blue eyes fish formal gloves hair ornament hairpin ikki (amnesia) male necktie on side pants smile solo spade suit water white hair