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Friday is time for a good web design inspiration. For today we bring this extensive project shared by Enes Dal. The title of the project is Furnde and it's a concept work for an interior design and style web site.

Traisl homepage

Traisl homepage

Il est grand temps de prendre une bonne dose d'inspiration ! Pour assouvir votre soif de découverte, plongez-vous dans 15 réalisations tout à fait remarquabl

15 interfaces fraîches pour votre inspiration

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The aesthetic is so artistic but I would have not used such a thin font for "Madame Butterfly" because the white font gets lost in the black background. I also would have put the white text on a small black background to increase readability.


25 interfaces fraîches pour votre inspiration

The Olympic data allows for a much richer experience. The UX is designed to give the viewer an unparalleled Olympic experience through a wealth of beautifully curated content.

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