Interactive Whiteboard Games to Use in the classroom!  So excited to try these out in the fall

Play educational whiteboard games for the classroom from PBS KIDS. Created by educational media experts and vetted by educators, PBS KIDS games are a great way to make learning fun!

Great FREE math tools to use with your interactive white board!

FREE Number Sense Technology Tool

There are so many ways to make your lessons engaging and interactive for your students! Let me help you get started with some tips and tricks for using SMART Notebook!

Making The Most of Your Smart Board

The Whiteboard Blog - Try Composer at Toy Theater and Drum Machine

Guides and Helpsheets for using Interactive whiteboards (smartboards and promethean), iPads and other devices.

Here's a quick guide to help you get started with your Interactive Whiteboard, whatever brand you happen to have.

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How do you get the most out of your board? Here’s a summary of the best advice I’ve found online.

Are You Making the Most of Your Interactive Whiteboard

Are You Making the Most of Your Interactive Whiteboard? - Interactive whiteboards are a fixture in many classrooms, but are teachers taking advantage of all they have to offer? Here are some ways to improve your use.

Superhero Theme Interactive Attendance Sheet for Interactive Whiteboards: Have fun taking attendance with this superhero kids theme interactive attendance sheet! Students touch their character when they arrive in class and their character will fly off screen. The remaining heroes left on screen make it easy for you to see who is away that day. For the Smart Board, Promethean, Mimio and all whiteboards.

Superhero Attendance for Smartboards, Promethean or Mimo - Classroom Managment

Have fun taking attendance with this Superhero theme interactive attendance sheet! Works on any Interactive Whiteboard and computer. Display on your Smart Board, Promethean, Mimio or on a computer workstation.