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Rick Mora, Native American actor and model.The most beautiful people are not the ones on magazines and in movies, they are the people whose faces you cannot erase from your mind.

Nepal- no makeup- just a very exceptional face- a unique face- a interesting face. Looks like a young girl that has potential and will find her way. She looks 3rd World but has the face and hair. Very beautiful in her own right.

So many pictures of the young from Nepal are ornamental. The dresses are beautiful and ornate, but there is a simple and natural beauty to this girl. It may seem grey next to the colorful women of Teej, but arguably the most beautiful picture yet.

Vietnamese woman

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description "Vietnamese Girl"rom the Watchmen series by Clay Enos

The beauty of blue eyed peoples (especially when the striking contrast is so unexpected).  Awesome!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Portraits Of Blue Eyed People

India - The Color of Contrast (Part III) by Joel Santos by Joel Santos - Photography

Mads Mikkelsen - Has one if the most interesting faces. He does amazing as Hannibal.

Scoop: NBC's Hannibal Casts Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen in Title Role

Mads Mikkelsen, the extraordinarily handsome actor who is wonderfully, deliciously creepy as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the new NBC series "Hannibal", based on the character created by Thomas Harris.

love this old lady's face.~Reminds me of my Aunt Pearl.

Funny Old Women Definitely an entertaining story, with some comical moments that readers of any age truly will be able to appreciate.

Love this fresh faced makeup look! Clear skin, groomed brows, slight cat-eye, and curled lashes.

brazilian model marina with these large eyes and thin face she looks like an anime character.

This is such a striking photograph. I have always had a fondness for the contrasted look of dark skin and light eyes. (By fondness I mean, weakness, by weakness, I mean in the knees. ;P )

"Kiwan" by Laura Ferreira

Kiwan Landreth-Smith, photographed by Laura Ferreira. - Whoever this man is, this is how I imagined Finnick from Hunger Games (maybe without the facial hair though).