Irish Girl Tanning. When you see her...... You will know it's actually me. Yes, I happen to glow in the dark.

It’s summertime, and you know what that means? Time to hit the beach! It’s time to work on your tan, relax in the sand, and take a dip in the ocean or lake. There’s nothing hard a…

I'm Irish, well only half- Irish or American-Irish i don't really know what it's called. lol but i'm Irish

True story for most of us of Irish heritage.

Irish girl sunbathing.

21 Struggles All Eternally Pale Girls Will Understand

Mixed Girl Problems | My skin is lighter than my original tan skin in the winter then in the summer, my skin is darker. I hate summer sun.

Irish girls start snow white, then go to sickly but still alive white, then go to "Hey, look, I actually have a skin tone!

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 40 Pics

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 40 Pics. I love how this person isn't even standing in the sun.

super white girl problems.   i'm pretty sure they've met me before..

super white girl problems aka the story of my life

Super White Girl Problems. when you lol too much

Let's be honest, being pale and having brown hair makes you just as much of a "stereotypical" white girl as any tan, blonde one. Shoot, let's just go ahead and add pale/tan red heads to it too.

@debra gaines Santrelle @Christina & Jolly @Bethany Shoda McCool  This is the one I was talking about! Irish girl tanning:)

Some are mind-blowing, some are funny and some are terrifying. - Stealth Expert you see.

<b>I'm hoping for rain this summer.</b>

Cards on the table, I am pale. Irish pale. Like this girl sunbathing. No, not her. The other one.

Look at the pale Irish girl sunbathing.

Everyone's all 'I need a spray tan' and I'm over here like 'Will SPF 75 be strong enough?'

White girl with freckles.ya its a problem.

Hi, and this is my daughter, Casper...noo lolllz...You're so white. It must be anemia. You need to eat!!

And Mom had such beautiful olive skin!

I shall blend in with the sand to hide from the crab people.

I shall blend in with the sand to hide from the crab people.

there is a woman laying in the sand that blends in with the sand - high cognitive effort

Another reason why we love Merlin. Sometimes I use an umbrella outside to do my homework so I don't get burnt!

Pasty irish boys getting tanned!

Haha I'm Italian. :) but I'm from northern Italy. And I'm also Scottish. So I'm as white as they come.

Italian girl problems I can relate its like duh!

Hahaha yes. So true and funny. White girl problems Good blog ;)

I'm not a white girl, white girls are tan. I'm pale, see, look at this crayon

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