No it's not irish that's the foreign language of this country

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When Irish weather was perfectly summed up.

22 Times "Father Ted" Was Absolutely Fecking Hilarious

Luck of the Irish

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Funny Irish Girl memes

Proud Irish Girl and Friday Frivolity Linky Party

24 Of The Best Irish Memes Ever - The Potato

24 of the best irish memes all in one handy place. Let us know if we've left any obvious ones out!

irish meme, patience

Yes, Irish people are better than you! Through Irish memes and characteristics of the Irish people, we give you 28 reasons to think so too!

Cuss words removed, but I got this from another pinner. Very true though. I'm glad someone said something about it. The Irish, Chinese, and American Indians were treated horrifically.

The Absurdity of Reparations

Irish Slaves and white slaves were real despite what the marxist progressive grievance industry and liberal professors tells you. Facts about Irish Slaves

Old Irish Quote ...

Old Irish Blessing: 'Tis better to buy a small bouquet and give to your friend this day, than a bushel of roses white and red to lay on his coffin after he's dead.

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