The colours in the photograph are good for my genre magazine because they are dark and it looks mysterious. The colours also compliment each other really well without clashing and over powering one another.

40 pieces of wisdom from Iron Maiden lyrics

Heavy Metal and Gothic Art - Iron Maiden Album Cover Art Wallpapers - Trooper - Iron Maiden Album Art, Gothic and Heavy Metal artwork 1

Community Post: Iron Maiden's "Eddie The Head" Like You Never Seen

Iron Maiden's "Eddie The Head" Like You Never Seen

Iron Maiden Album Covers | MetalSucks | LET’S ARGUE ABOUT IRON MAIDEN ALBUM ART

Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden 1980 The first Iron Maiden cover. Although this wasn’t the first commissioned piece by Derek Riggs

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Because no picture does their concerts justice. been to every concert since Brave New World.

25 Greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Album Covers

25 Greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Album Covers

Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast Album Cover Parodies. A list of all the groups that have released album covers that look like the Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast album.

Iron Maiden created a character JUST for their band's image and album covers (easily recognizable)

No. Iron Maiden, Killers Our pick for the greatest metal album cover of all time is based on the North London neighborhood that artist Derek Riggs lived in at the time. No wonder he moved to California.

Right now I'm listening to Out of the Silent Planet by Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden - Brave New World - 2000 Album Cover - This is some of their best albums ever, comeback album with Bruce Dickinsson on vocals, I think this is as far as good as The Number Of The Beast - the debut with Bruce Dickinsson in Iron Maiden.