Castle Coch - Cardiff, Wales - Would like a bedroom ceiling painted like this!

Detail of the drawing room ceiling of Castle Coch, near Cardiff, Wales (photo by The Green Album)

Beaumont-Adams revolver, Frederick E.B. Beaumont (1833-1899) & Robert Adams (1809-1880), Britain 1862-65. Charleston Museum

Adams Patent Revolver made in England and imported by the Confederacy throughout the war.

Shallow depth of field Frog Firle National Trust sign, High and Over, near Alfriston, east Sussex, England

A small, active inshore fishing industry continues to operate here with much of the catch sold directly from sheds at the head of the beach, and used in local restaurants and the famous Aldeburgh fish and chip shop

Having found the engine showing signs of strain during the previous day, Obltn Paul Temme of Stab 1/JG2 took off from Beaumont-le-Roger on a freelance operation on 13 August 1940, but fell behind and, while going to the assistance of a straggling Ju 88, is believed to have been claimed by Sgt Jack P Mills of No 43 Squadron RAF in Hurricane Mk I FT-S flown near Petworth at 07.00. Me 109E-1 Black Chevron came down at New Salts Farm, close to RAF Shoreham, at 07.10.

Temme Location: South of Shoreham aerodrome, Sussex, England.

For over 900 years St Mary's Church in Rye, East Sussex, England has been the centre of this historic town and inside there are bookcases where you can buy used books for a small donation. I take mine and always find something interesting to read. On the way up I noticed  the sign on the right which reads... In this ancient Vicarage John Fletcher was born in 1579. Jacobean dramatist and collaborator with Beaumont, Shakespeare and Massinger. Its now a tea room. By B Lowe

For over 900 years St Mary's Church in Rye, East Sussex, England has been the centre of this historic town

Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth, Germany

inkfromtheoctopus: a-l-ancien-regime: Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth, Germany (© David Leventi Photography. All Rights Reserved.) Let us go to Germany.

Janela antiga com bancos de alvenaria para sentar-se a apreciar a paisagem...

Curved castle window with a stone seat. Castel del Monte, Italy, built in the century. Photo by Alessandro Recchiuti. I would give anything to have a window seat like this.

Islamic Centre of Turky.

29 Mesmerizing 😍 Mosque Ceilings 🎨 Found 🔍 around the Globe 🌎 ...

Tokyo, a mosque in Tokyo is quite unusual. This mosque was built in 2000 with contributions of the Turkish Republic and Tokyo Mosque Foundation (around since This is main hall with its ornate decorations inspired by Turkish Heritage.

The Artist's Garden at Giverny, c.1900 by Claude Monet

Print of Monet's Jardin De Giverny on canvas. Product: Wall artConstruction Material: Cotton canvas and woodFeatures: Jardin De Giverny by Claude Monet

Orviet Cathedral  Arnolfo di Cambio, at Orvieto, Italy, 1290 to 1500

Solomonic Column - Orvieto's cathedral which is Italy's best gothic church., province of Terni , Umbria region Italy