Jamie Hewlett - Gorillaz


Jamie Hewlett - Gorillaz, Illustration by Jamie Hewlett, I like the colors and the style of drawing a lot . I love the fact that he ' s holding a David Bowie album :)

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When my roommate and I saw the Gorillaz first music video years ago, we went CRAZY! That's when I discovered Jamie Hewlett, the artist who designed those characters.

Tank Girl - Jamie Hewlett Jamie Hewlett is one of my main inspirations since I pretty much grew up on Tank Girl and Gorillaz. I love his edgy style and his combinations of photography and drawings

Tank Girl

Tank Girl, the character created by writer Alan Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett, first saw print as a comic strip in The British series, original.

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Tank Girl

TANK GIRL - the girl U want: From the brilliant minds of Alan Martin & Jamie Hewlett. came the original Tank Girl comics. She’s female, ferocious and foul-mouthed. the girl U want.