Tsunami poster

I actually this is more offensive than it is an interesting/effective design. This is not hopeful; this is pairing Japan with a giant wave, and attempting to encourage people by using the same imagery as the waves that ruined the lives of thousands upon t

Quirky Japanese Logos | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

This particular design incorporates both English and Japanese in a cohesive and balanced way. One doesn't seem to overpower the other despite its asymmetrical composition.

造字工房™ — 让字更有吸引力

造字工房™ — 让字更有吸引力

秋夕 Home Made Mooncake Packaging

花好月圓 秋夕 Mooncake: Packaging and Identity: by Point-Blank Design Ltd.

Destination Flavour Japan Logo and Illustrations by Katlyn Macdonald, via Behance

Destination Flavour Japan logo design and ingredient illustration set. Style to be "kawaii" (cute) to suit a Japanese audience.