Ici on passe sur un pont, sous un tunnel de fleur mais ses passages mènent toujours à une surprise toujours aussi belle

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Sendai 仙台, Miyagi prefecture 宮城県, Japan. Cherry Blossoms of Shouonji temple, 松音寺の桜. Copyright from pon-ko flickr feed.

milkpeu: “ “松音寺の桜 (by pon-ko) ” ” Cherry blossoms (Sakura) at a temple in Sendai, Japan - cereja Matsunetera

Osaka Castle, Japan http://www.jetradar.fr/flights/Japan-JP/?marker=126022.pinterest

Just seeing the historical castles is something that interests me and how/why they are still around. Just sightseeing castles while enjoying a nice hike or walk is what I would want to do.

15 bonnes Raisons de visiter le Japon (9)

15 bonnes Raisons de visiter le Japon

KAWAGOE sakura さくら by akihiro nagashima via 15 Places That Will Make Japan Your Dream Travel Destination.

Yuantouzhu, Wuxi, China - my friend brought me back little dolls from Wuxi and ever since I've been intrigued to visit

Spring is in the air with the Cherry blossom in Yuantouzhu, China. Have you ever been to China?