Jeffrey Leon "Jeff" Bridges (born December 4, 1949) is an American actor, country musician, and producer.

You guys, I love me some Jeff Bridges. Jeff + Meghan O. My mom will call me or text me internationally just to let me know if Jeff Bridges is on t.

Jeff Bridges "The Dude" -- haha not a book but a movie worth seeing/renting.....The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

The Dude with his Half n Half Carton at Ralph's . The Big Lebowski Jeff Bridges dudeness

C'est in photo de dieu, ou Jeff Bridges. Je ne sais pas la différence. Cette barbe avec quelques long cheveux sont parfait.                                                                                                                                                      Más

old-hopes-and-boots: Jeff Bridges .now go forth and share that BOW & DIAMOND style ppl!

Credit: Allstar Jeff BridgesThe son of Lloyd Bridges, Gary Cooper’s deputy in High Noon, Jeff Bridges has...

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The Dude Abides/ Jeff Bridges by Mark Seliger, New York. The classic black and white portrait, never goes out of style.

The Dude...  Way Back When.  (Jeff Bridges, 1970, in HALLS OF ANGER.)  Gorgeous.

Jeff Bridges, Style Icon

Great photograph of Jeff Bridges. Marco Grob for Time.

Great Performances

When I think of his movie roles in True Grit and Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges makes me picture Uncle Chaz Mackenzie, the grouchy, rough and edgy character in GRAVE MAKER BLUES .Great portrait of Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges ~ TV & Movie Star                                                                                                                                                      Más

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez Gosselaar and Lopez became household names as Zack Morris and A. Slater on Saved By the Bell, which ran from The two also starred in Saved by the Bell: The College Years, which lasted just one season