Jerry Lewis - (1926-    )  Comedian and remembered for being a part of the Rat Pack with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Joey Bishop.

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin are some of my favorite comedian/actors.

Jerry Lewis (actor, comedian, director, writer, charity fundraiser) Born 3/16/26 in Newark, N.J.

Jerry Lewis's youngest son, Joseph, died in 2009 of a narcotics overdose

Jerry Lewis, 1940s. Que de beaux cheveux! thesomewhereonlyweknow

Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Horowitz) went into show biz after being expelled from his NJ high school for punching the principle after he made an anti-semitic comment. Had he not shown such courage, we'd have missed a lifetime of laughter.

The Muscular Dystrophy Telethon Was Eliminated in 2012 After Nobel  Peace Prize Nominee Jerry Lewis Was Unfairly Ousted

Labor Day MDA Telethon Eliminated After Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Jerry Lewis Unfairly Ousted

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were a duo who made millions of people laugh during their 10 year double act. They also produced many comedy quotes off screen too.