JJ Abrams photographed for TIME on October 26, 2015 in Los Angeles.

Behind the Scenes of TIME's Star Wars Photo Shoot

JJ Abrams photographed for TIME on October 2015 in Los Angeles.

J.J. Abrams is een van mijn favorieten. Hij is een perfectionist als het op zijn werk aankomt. Alles is tot in de puntjes uitgedacht en verzorgd en men zal dan ook niet snel een foutje vinden. Zijn shots zijn vaak herkenbaar doordat hij fel blauw licht gebruikt. Zijn verhalen in series zijn complex en mysterieus met een grote twist aan het eind. Zijn films bevatten altijd actie en humor en dit blijft goed door zijn vaste team aan schrijvers en producenten. Commercieel.

Abrams is, by-far, one of the most talented, visionary film directors of the century. I find his work to be very rich with human element. Something that many directors lack in their craft.

Adam Driver spinning Kylo’s lightsaber behind the scenes

Adam Driver spinning Kylo’s lightsaber behind the scenes.Wish he would have bashed the damn thing right on Abrams head!


I'm all for that, but let us consider a ~*General Leia Organa-Solo*~ spinoff

I remember when this episode of The Daily Show aired. First thing I did was quote Jon's genius and logical response on Facebook.

Jon Stewart responds in the only logical way

This definitely happened

JJ Abrams: (early draft of SW:tFA) Okay, so Poe is killed in the TIE fighter crash. Oscar Isaac: *tousles curls* JJ Abrams: (hands script to assistant) Take this and burn it.

This looks amazing. J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst collaborate on a novel written in the margins and notes stuffed inside another book. Very tactile way of storytelling.

The Story of “S”: Talking With J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst

19 Awesomely Designed Books From 2013 That Prove Print Isn’t Dead: S. by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst

Adam Driver and JJ Abrams talks about Kylo Ren and it's heartbreaking to read:_(

Adam Driver and JJ Abrams talk about Kylo Ren and it's heartbreaking to read.

The infamous Star Trek lurch. Because apparently they didn't have seatbelts in the 23rd century.

yes, the infamous Star Trek lurch. No more like wonderfully, hilariously awesome Star Trek lurch that is so signature of Star Trek that you can't help but love it.