Joan Jett

Joan Jett or just the young woman next to you at the counter ready to share a.

"At a very young age I decided I was not going to follow women's rules."- Joan Jett  (Bad Girls Throughout History)

Bad Girls Throughout History

The punk-rock star has given a voice to the struggles of the American middle class through her hard-rock jams with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. At she has produced eight albums that have been certified platinum and gold.


Joan Jett & the Blackhearts: I Love Rock N’ Roll

happy birthday to my favorite rock n’ roll queen joan jett! from her music to her fashion, she is a true icon! and responsible for some of my favorite music hits. check out some of my favorite photos i gathered in honor of her 53 birthday.

joan jett. a favorite.

I loved Joan Jett when I was a teen. Listening to her now brings me back makes me feel young.

30 Photos of Joan Jett When She Was Young

30 Pictures of Young Joan Jett

bradelterman: I photographed tons of bands and celebrities in the but Joan Jett was definitely my greatest subject. Joan Jett on Hollywood Blvd 1977 by Brad Elterman