© Joel Sternfeld (New York)   Bellissimo lavoro sulla linea sopraelevata del Metro di New York (Manhattan) prima della riqualificazione.

The High Line (Joel Sternfeld: Looking South on a May Evening, the Starrett-Lehigh Building, May

Joel Sternfeld’s First Pictures - The New Yorker - New Orleans, 1974

Joel Sternfeld’s First Pictures

This is the first book of Sternfeld’s largely unseen early colour photographs. In 1969 Sternfeld began working with a 35 mm camera and Kodachrome film

JOEL STERNFELD, Nags Head, North Carolina, (#39), June-August, 1976

Joel Sternfeld’s First Pictures

Coyote Atelier photography inspiration: Joel Sternfeld.

Joel Sternfeld Domestic Workers Waiting for the Bus, Atlanta Georgia, April 1983 from American Prospects

It is written in the Torah that God’s name cannot be spoken. The name’s banned status signifies the indescribable power of a God so great that one cannot draw close, and there is a related concept present in Joel Sternfeld’s American Prospects, something that is impossible to state directly but is definitely there. It is an unspeakable force, lurking invisibly, powerful, cultural, American.

"Poetics of Place," an installation of contemporary photography from The Met collection, surveys the diverse ways in which contemporary artists have photographed landscape and the built world over the last half century.

Joel Sternfeld - Nags Head, North Carolina, (#29), June-August 1975

Joel Sternfeld's 1976 photo of Nags Nead from "First Pictures" -- still SO Nags Head.


Joel Sternfeld - First Pictures

Joel Sternfeld New Orleans, Louisiana, ( August 1974 1974 Pigment print From an edition of 5 and 2 artist's proofs Image size: 8 x .

Walking the High Line, New Yrok City... Joel Sternfeld

First Drafts: James Corner's High Line Park

Joel Sternfeld: A Railroad Artifact, Street, May 2000 High Line New York City