John currin

John Currin: "Maenads", 2015 Oil on canvas 48 × 36 × 1 1/4 inches (121.9 × 91.4 × 3.2 cm)

John Currin: "Maenads", 2015 Oil on canvas 48 × 36 × 1 inches × × cm)

Cave to Canvas, John Currin, Ms. Omni, 1993

Let's face it everyone has the mad auntie. You know, the one that never married, never had kids, has a house full of cats and smells of moth balls. (Painting by John Currin - Ms Omni

John Currin "Thanksgiving" 2003


John Currin -- Thanksgiving 2003 Oil paint on canvas Collection -- American Fund for the Tate Gallery,

ART BLOG ART BLOG: "Patch and Pearl," 2006, John Currin

Patch and John Currin Patch and Pearl, 2006 Oil on Canvas 80 × 50 in × 127 cm Image courtesy of Gagosian Gallery

I love John Currin, Strange but oh so talented.

John Currin, The Hobo, oil on canvas, collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. On view at The San Diego Museum of Art.

John Currin's "The Pink Tree," 1999, from the Hirshhorn's collection

John Currin "The Pink Tree" 1999 Many of you are probably already familiar with John Currin. Still, his work is so good that I wanted to mention him just in case. His paintings are satirical and contain strange characterizations (or.

John Currin - oil on canvas - beautiful contemporary figure painting.

What you need to know about John Currin.

John Currin — Skinny Woman, 1992 // Painting: Oil on linen, x cm. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Among John Currin‘s earliest works are portraits of anonymous aging females, exemplified by the figure depicted in Skinny Woman.

John Currin, Heartless, 2003

John Currin, Heartless, 2003

john currin portrait of rachel feinstein

John Currin: The filth and the fury

John Currin, Mrs. Currin, 2012

John Currin born 1962 is an American painter based in New York City He is best known for satirical figurative paintings which deal with provocative sexual

Cave to Canvas, John Currin, Honeymoon Nude, 1998 From the Tate.