(>>Auch deine Augen. Wie sie sind. Nicht wie sie aussehen, deine Augen sind anders, aber wie sie strahlen und du sie etwas zu kneifst wenn du mit mir flirtest.<<)

Johnny Depp - Again another actor who is able to play any role laid in front of him. What I love is that he is great and sexy, but he doesn't seem too arrogant or cocky about it.

Johnny Depp smile

Johnny Depp, un homme qui a du style

Johnny Depp made the ultimate list of hottest men in history, see who else made the cut here.

The 50 Hottest Men Of All Time

The Hottest Men Of All Time: Johnny Depp is a man for women of all ages, he manages to appeal to both older and younger women at the same time, making him the ultimate ladies' man.

"Johny Depp's" - by Poland Pop Art at Google+

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