Game of Thrones' Jon Snow attends a dinner party

Jon Snow Is the Worst Dinner Guest Ever: Funny Video

17 Times We Wanted to Hug Jon Snow | Her Campus

17 Times We Wanted to Hug Jon Snow

GoT relationships are complicated, as this diagram proves. Spoilers ahead.

See the Connections Behind Ned’s Promise With This Infographic

Ask Siri, "Is Jon Snow dead"

Ask Siri, "Is Jon Snow dead"

The King in the North   The baby that Lyanna Stark held in her arms as she lay dying in the Tower of Joy? That was Jon Snow. He’s not Ned Stark’s bastard. He’s Ned Stark’s nephew. The quick cut between that baby’s face and Kit Harington’s pout should put all doubt at rest.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO - New photos from Game of Thrones Season Episode 9 “Battle of The Bastards”