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A lightweight jQuery plugin used to create a floating bar containing a scroll to top button and a barcode at the bottom right of your page.

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ekScroll is an easy jQuery scroll plugin for creating a slim custom scrollbar for your long content area, featuring auto fade out the overflowed content at the bottom when you scroll down or up.

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progressIndicator is a jQuery plugin that creates a customizable, animated top (or bottom) progress bar showing the current window scroll depth in percentage.

Buy Popscroll: Social Popup Footer Box - jQuery Plugin by trendwalk on CodeCanyon. About this jQuery plugin Popscroll is a good way to get user friendly attention for your Fanpage.

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elevator is a jQuery plugin to generate up / down buttons which allows the user to scroll the page to top (or bottom) with a smooth scrolling effect.

Scrolling to the Top and Bottom with jQuery

A jQuery & based smart fixed navigation that shows a menu link at the bottom of the web page as you scroll down the page.

scrollLock is a jQuery plugin that disables document body from mouse wheel scrolling when you reach the bottom / top of a specified scrollable element.

Just another jQuery plugin which makes it simple to create a dynamic, fluid, fully responsive waterfall grid layout with support for infinite scroll.