The Walking Dead ... Judith Grimes

Judith Grimes (TV Series)

I'm Kenna and this is my niece Claire. I'm 20 and she's about four months old. The outbreak took her mom from us so I've been doing my best to keep us both alive. It's hard finding people willing to help out because they see her as an alarm for the Freaks and don't want us around. I'm doing the best I can to keep her safe. She's all I have left and I'm not planning on losing her.

Beth and Judith. it makes me sad to think that Judith will never know how much beth loved and cared for her :(

Did The Walking Dead go too far?

The Walking Dead Carol Kills Lizzie - Mica Murdered

Did The Walking Dead go too far? I imagine any child would have PTSD in this situation and there was no way to treat her, she was a danger to the group.

Which he's gonna try! He's gonna try to take Judith! He is! You wait and see! And Rick's not gonna let it happen. Ha!

I mean Maggie and Negan were married in superman vs batman so why not.

Carol  Judith - The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead // Carol & Judith. I don't care what people say. I love Carol.

Baby Judith, she's not even phased by the walker

This is just classic! Judith having lunch with a walker. Behind the scenes of The Walking Dead