Kate Osborne   WATERCOLOR

KO.51 butterflies moths 7

flight - kate osborne

KO.62 flies

Butterflies and Moths by Kate Osborne

ARTFINDER: Butterflies and Moths by Kate Osborne - I did a series of these Butterflies and Moths, starting with indirect watercolour techniques, and then working back into the images. Again they were inspired. these would make really cool tattoos

Kate Osborne studied textile design in the 1970’s and worked in the industry for 20 years, including five years in the States, for one year living in a shack in an old coal mining town in New Mexico, painting wildlife and botanical subjects.

ARTFINDER: Gallo by Kate Osborne - another cockerel, full of the joys of spring, painted using watercolour. "watercolor done with masterful care, yet freshly expressed by a very lovely artist. Just love this rooster!

three bumbles - Kate Osborne

ARTFINDER: Three Bumblebees by Kate Osborne - More bumblebees. They get up earlier, work later, and put up with more wet weather than their cousins the honeybee