This is how to look badass without forfeiting all your femininity. Plus, that…

Katheryn Winnick (seen here as Lagertha in the TV series Vikings) is a Dan Tae Kwon Do and a Dan Karate black belt.

I never thought Lagertha as weak but, she married such a jerk and stayed with him for so long. I wish the show had shown what his people did to make her Earl. Had they all felt sorry for her? Did they feel she was justified in stabbing him in the eye? She look so frightened when that guy whacked off her husband's head. They just didn't give us anything.

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Vikings. Lagertha. I love that she has chains in her hair.

No matter the shieldmaidens number, they remained a model of powerful women in an Era in which women’s role was limited to give birth to children and take care of the house. (Lagertha in Vikings)