I LOVE kid snippet videos!  The kids talk out a scene while the parents record their voices and then the parents act it out.  So hysterical.

A Little Funny to Brighten Your Day :)

SO FUNNY.especially if you are a teacher! Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Kids Talk, Adults Act)

Adults Act Out the Audio of Children Pretending to Have a Job Interview

Adults Act Out the Audio of Children Pretending to Have a Job Interview

Kid Snippets: "Waiter" (Imagined by Kids) - @freespirit0726 One of the funniest in awhile! Hahahaha.

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Making Friends – Imagined by kids | Rare

Librarians expertly troll patrons with a display answering their unhelpful questions

Kid Snippets: "Bedtime" (Imagined by Kids) How adorable was that ending? :) -Katy

Kid Snippets: "Bedtime" (Imagined by Kids) Imagined by kids, and spoken by kids, but the adults lip-sync their stories.

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My kids introduced me to these videos. They are so funny and family friendly because they were essentially created by kids. Kid Snippets: "Basketball Class" (Imagined by Kids)

Kid Snippets: "Salesman" (Imagined by Kids)

They say the darndest things

Kid Snippets: "Salesman" (Imagined by Kids) - Ask a kid to write a script. Dub the kids' voices over the adults!