Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Killian Jones in Once Upon A Time S02E22 | And Straight On Till Morning.

Once Upon a Time: Colin O'Donoghue Talks Hook, Bae, Lost Boys & Finale's 'Interesting' Neverland

'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 finale: Colin O'Donoghue teases the Captain Hook-Rumpelstiltskin showdown

Captain Killian Jones. Captain Hook. My future husband. Call him what you like, I guess.

Once Upon a Time's Character Pics Are the Fiercest Ever

Jawline so sharp it cuts right through the weak string that my life is precariously hanging on

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Colin O'Donoghue // Once Upon A Time>>>>>>>>> TODAY IS COLIN O'DONOGHUE'S BIRTHDAY!!

How Well Do You Know Once Upon a Time's Regina Mills?

Killian Jones/Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time. For some reason don't want the actor unless he's got eyeliner on...

Second portrait of Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time. But this time Killian Jones is in his traditional uniform.

[ captain + first mate ] “ Happiest (very belated) birthday to my dearest i-know-how-you-kiss. Liz, you are a gift and a treasure. I’m ridiculously happy to call you my friend, so I make you...

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"What makes you different from Dustin Hoffman's Captain Hook?" "I wear leather pants." Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Hook, Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time - Captain Hook aka Killian Jones played by Colin O'Donoghue. #OnceUponATime #Once_Upon_A_Time #OUAT

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Once Upon a Time - Captain Hook aka Killian Jones played by Colin O'Donoghue.