This actors name is Kim Bum and that's putting a real damper on his face

Kim Bum's 30 Dandiest Photos

The thoughts running in my head right now because of those suspenders.asdfjhkl I didn't even like suspenders till you wore them.

Boys Over Flowers!!! Kim Beom!

Kim Bum's 30 Dandiest Photos

Kim Bum Shows Off His Fierce Glare in “Mrs. Cop 2″ Poster Cuts. So Kim Bum is a villain this time....Let that sink in. I saw a comment on another website I thought was well, cute? "He probably tortures his victims by tying them up and smiling at them until they can’t take his cuteness anymore."

Kim Bum looks amazing in the promo pics for Mrs.

Kim Bum bazen bir gitar olmak istiyorum.. Hiç değilse senle bir kere de olsa aynı karede yer   almak gerçekten... Ama hala ümitliyim.. her ne kadar varlığımdan haberin olmasa da

Casual and class. Blazer over tshirt. Best of both worlds

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Kim Bum's 30 Dandiest Photos

Kim Bum, Korean actor currently watching him in boys over flowers.