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My Little Mary by Soasig Chamaillard -- Pop Culture Infused Mary Statuettes


Art of Soasig Chamaillard

Ice cream poster Kitsch print Kitsch poster by ShopTempsModernes

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These are fun art prints from some talented designers and artists to line your walls. If you love gathering your friends and family around the dining room table, you'll love this collection of wall art with a food theme which will help set the mood for.

“There Goes The Neighborhood” (detail of kitsch delight) by Ron English

King Kong pink plastic toy plays with toy town and plastic pink army tanks & military men - pink things items pink humor joke animal funny pink love

Professor Neon! Pro Green spends £10,000 on saucy Saints and Sin artwork from…

Professor Neon! Pro Green spends £10,000 on saucy Saints and Sin artwork from renowned light artist Chris Bracey

Sol Lee mejor conocido como Venusmansion es un artista coreano que con ayuda del 3D crea coloridas imágenes bastante atractivas para el ojo que viven en la frontera de lo surreal, lo pop y lo kitsch. Les recomiendo que lo sigan a través de Instagram.Venusmansion

El surreal mundo de Venusmansion


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