Kristofer hivju sexiest man in the freaking world......eklectikos:  kristofer—hivju:©

With new season of Game of Thrones comes more Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju) and his oddly adorable Brienne mirin :D

"Double Recessive" is a theatrical savage comedy about the impending extinction of red haired individuals. The show has been performed internationally by creator and star, Jordan Lloyd Watkins.

Kristofer Hivju, Actor known for Game of Thrones and others. A second generation Norwegian actor, Kristofer Hivju was born on 7 December 1978 in Oslo.

Kristofer Hivju by Eirik Johnsen  (Tormund Giantsbane, Game of Thrones)

for-redheads: “Kristofer Hivju by Eirik Johnsen (Tormund Giantsbane, Game of Thrones) ”

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I can't be the only one with a rock hard ladyboner for Kristofer Hivju, Tormund on GoT. When he gawks at Brienne and she's not having it, I'm like, "Come on girl!" I thin.

Kristofer Hivju

Thomas Qvale, born 1986 in Oslo, assisted Ellen Von Unwerth and Dusan Reljin before deciding to take the big leap on his own.