Kurt Cobain’s Letters & Journals "they haven't an ounce for wisdom or the appreciation of passion."

Inside Kurt Cobain’s Letters and Journals

kurt cobain, journals. I refuse to read the journals but I love this passage.

Its the best book ive ever read-total insight to the REAL KURT COBAIN ♥

<3 Signature <3 (well known!)

"sun shines in the bedroom when we play, the raining always starts when you go away"

Happy birthday Kurt Donald Cobain

A feeling that more people than society acknowledge and find new solutions to even take the chance of trying to make less people feel this way and less lives lost too soon!

Kurt Cobain...20 February 1967 - 5 April 1994 no link just a beautiful picture.

It's interesting, because while there's a certain selfish gratification in having any number of people buy your records and come to see you play, none of that holds a candle to simply hearing a song that I've written played by a band.

I will always have a crush on this man <3

Seventeen Years Without Kurt Cobain

«s͙t͙a͙r͙d͙u͙s͙t͙ d͙a͙n͙c͙e͙s͙ i͙n͙ y͙o͙u͙r͙ s͙o͙u͙l͙» Kurt Cobain

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