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20 Layer Crepe Cake.  I actually made this with a little modification. Instead of pastry creme I made a chocolate hazelnut creme.  This is a time consuming recipe but so worth it!

20-Layer Crepe Cake Recipe

Try Crepe Cake - Mille Crêpes Cake Recipe! You'll just need Crepe Batter (see recipe below), Pastry Crème Filling (see recipe below), 2 cups heavy.

Crepes Cake - crepes layered with pastry cream and topped with a caramelized sugar

Mille Crepes Cake / More than twenty layers of lacy, whisper-thin handmade crêpes envelop pastry cream kissed with sweetness, and are crowned with a caramelized sugar topping. Lady M's signature creation is heaven on a cake plate.

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A crepe cake at Lady M.

The original Lady M's Mille Crepes is in NY. Try the handmade crepes layered with pastry cream and bruleed on top. 41 E St, New York, NY 10075

[Lady M] Matcha Mille Crepes Cake – Peachy Bunny Mel

[Lady M] Matcha Mille Crepes Cake

Lady M: Mille Crepe (New York). Delicious!

20 paper-thin hand made crepes layered with ethereally light and creamy custard.

Creme Bruleé Crepe Cake via The Baker Chick

Creme Brulee crepe cake t's taken me a few cranky, jet-lagged days, but I finally got back into the kitchen! After two weeks of eating everythng in sight, I just couldn't get inspired to make more sweets.

Quintessential New York Dessert Table:  Cheesecake by Two Red Hens, Lady M Confections Mille Crepe Cake, Momofuku Milk Bar Cake, Payard's Croquembouche, Cannoli from Veniero's, cupcakes from Baked, Zabar's black and white cookies and babka, Bouchon's tarte au citron and macarons.

Lady M Mille Crêpes feature no less than 20 paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream. Simply the best cake ever!

Might have to try making my own "charming the way the sagging roof of an old cottage is, and darn tasty" crepe cake

The Way We Eat: Building a Modern, Multistoried Dessert - New York Times Mille Crepes Cake

Gorgeous slice of green tea crepe cake (made from over 20 layers!) @ Lady M Cake Boutique, NYC.    Photo by Gloria C. on Foursquare City Guide.

Gorgeous slice of green tea crepe cake (made from over 20 layers!) @ Lady M Cake Boutique, NYC. Photo by Gloria C. on Foursquare City Guide.

Lady M: Green Tea Mille Crêpe ($8). Count the layers if you dare, there's at least twenty of those lacy, golden crêpes, each separated by a brush of barely whipped cream. The cream is infused with green tea, subtle with a clean finish, the top layer outfitted with a dusting of matcha.

Sugar Rush: Green Tea Mille Crêpes at Lady M