Lake superior map

Map of Lake Superior WaterFalls

All the water in Lake Superior would cover North and South America in 1 foot of water!

The North Shore of Lake Superior is gorgeous. A great get-away.

Minnesota Scenic Drives: North Shore Scenic Drive

View Enlarged Image This map of the North Shore Scenic Drive will take you up the beautiful Lake Superior coastline.

Wow! Map of Lake Superior Lighthouses

Map of Lake Superior Lighthouses.*I've been lake trout fishing at Stannard Rock, about 40 miles out with no land in sight--It was scary because we could see the huge, dark shapes swimming around the boat through the clear water!--Reminded me of 'Jaws'!

The Lake Superior Circle Tour is a wonderful scenic travel road trip. View Lake Superior from three state and two countries!

The Lake Superior Circle Tour is on our top 10 North Shore attractions list because it encompasses all the other attractions.

Lake Superior North Shore Tourist map

Exploring Minnesota: Lake Superior’s North Shore

The North Shore is Minnesota’s most spectacular landscape. The easternmost part of Minnesota snuggles between the north shore of Lake Superior and Canada.

Vintage Lake Superior Map Graphic

Vintage Lake Superior Map Graphic

Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais, Minnesota Images of the Area and Wildlife on the Gunflint Trail

Minnesota North Shore Visitor Guide for Lodging Dining State Parks Activities and Maps

Lake Superior- agate hunting. One of our favorite things to do while we are in Duluth. We have found many agates and we put them around our house plants on top of the dirt. So pretty. :)

Minnesota State Gemstone: The Lake Superior Agate

beautiful paper cutouts, I've gotten custom work done from Crafterall, simply unbelievable work.  #paper, #lake

Lake Superior original 8 x 10 papercut art от Crafterall на Etsy