Larry Mullen Jr.  U2 - 360 Tour...blonde boyfriend!

I was a DC Cop. I met Larry. He walked up to me & introduced himself. We spoke for a few minutes. He invited me backstage after the show. I was on-duty and wouldn't be off work in time. Cant wait to meet him again and finish our discussion.

U2's Larry Mullen by Andy Willsher in Dublin, May 2009

"The thing about Larry is that you're guilty until proven innocent. But once he knows you're ok, he'll not only invite you into his home, he'll let you sleep in his bed." ~ Paul Hewson about Larry Mullen Jrn.

Bono loves his Larry Mullen Jr

Bono loves his Larry Mullen Jr looks like i+e small stage.

Larry Mullen Jr - U2. Fave drummer...

, better known as the godlike drummer, also known as an eternal hottie.

Larry Mullen Jr.  -  Oh honey!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Larry for fans of images.

U2 - Larry Mullen Jr

U2 - Larry Mullen Jr