LDS - Learn to play the hymns with step-by-step instructions and audio examples.        Keyboard Course Book and Audio

All the resources for LDS music (Hymns, Primary Songbook, conducting, keyboard course, easy Hymn arrangements).

Emma's Hymns - A Selection Of Sacred Hymns Based On The 1835 Edition Of The LDS Hymn Book Audio CD -  #LDSproducts #LDS #Mormon

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Painted Hymn Book: Faith the Size of a Seed

Painted Hymn Book: Faith the Size of a Seed

This is a physical hand painted LDS Hymnal. Cover is sealed with a matte water based acrylic sealer. You choose what image you want on the cover, which scriptu

bairdmusic: Music Grading - LDS Hymn Book

bairdmusic: Music Grading - LDS Hymn Book- hymns broken down by level of difficulty!

This sharing time will help the children remember the Savior during the Christmas season.

December Sharing Time: Symbols of the Savior

As Christmas carols begin playing full-force, there is one found in the LDS hymn book that has an especially tender story behind it.

LDS Hymn Book. Spiral Bound. LARGE PRINT so I can play the organ

LDS Hymnbook - Large - Spiral Bound: Oversized LDS Hymn book with a hard cover and spiral bound.

Fun LDS Object Lesson. Also on blog is 16 FHE lesson ideas

Preparation: Abide in the Lord's Territory - Elder Ulisses Soares of the Seventy Opening Song: Nephi's Courage - Children's Hymn Book # 120 Snack: Smore's Pie Attention Getter: Object lesson time .

Custom Painted LDS Hymn Book for sister missionary at Worthy Written Words #sistermissionary #ldsmissionary #lds

Painted Hymn Book: CUSTOM (Name, Scripture, Painting)

the background on the LDS hymn "as sisters in zion"

'As Sisters in Zion' tells the history of the LDS hymn - artist William Whitaker

LDS Hymn Book Flip Charts –

LDS Hymn Book Flip Charts –

list of hymns by difficulty

One piano, 341 songs--a surprising number of which I am unfamiliar with even though I have been LDS my whole life--several hours of spare ti.

LDS Hymn Book

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Behind the sacred hymn #silentnight lies a powerful true story of the man who wrote it. You need to see this movie:

Learn the inspiring story behind the creation of the popular Christmas carol Silent Night—discover how Joseph Mohr , as new assistant priest, went against his superior to organize a church choir full of outcasts that performed in German instead of Latin.