Lego Mech Warrior by Dou Moko

Lego Mech Warrior by Dou Moko- Lego designs translate well in low poly

LEGO + Robot Models = Epic Awesome! Makes me really wanna build LEGO creations again!

The Incredible World of Giant LEGO Mechs

Legion (from "Titanfall 2")

There’s a lot to love about Titanfall but one of the best things is the design of the game’s mechs. And while we wait for expensive action figures to hit, we can pass the time with these awesome LEGO models built by Marius Herrmann.

It looks like the robot from the game Titanfall when put a minifigure in the robot and it has a big machine gun with it.

Wonder Festival 2017 Winter was held at Makuhari Messe on Sunday, This time around, the show included a good smattering of not just Macross stuff, but also other classic mecha-related ite

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Any closer? Thanks Delta those pics helped a lot. Sadly I haven't seen this program, looks good though. The legs are still a bit iffy, but they are the closest I can do at the moment whilst still keeping it minifig scale. Feel free to use any ideas :)

LEGO Ideas - Minifig Mech

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