This doesn't look Les Mis but it is. Read it. Also, I don't know enough to say for sure but this looks more like a death photo than a mug shot??

Francois was the son of Alphonse Bertillon, person who standardized the modern mug shot. Francois was caught nibbling the pears in a basket, so his father took a mugshot as a joke :)

les miserables tumblr funny - Google Search<< His logic though XD

Javert, Master of Disguise. I think he could be turtley enough for the turtle club.

Renaming les mis songs... PERFECT

The REAL titles to the Les Mis Songs! Personal favorites: Eddie Redmayne Sang It Better; the Colors Song; Javert finds Waldo >> I profusely apologize for any profanity.

Les mis funny, even funnier cos there's 11 in the pic....

Theatre Dudes Co. on

Fantine said 10 FRANCS, but hey, who says we can't substitute 11 FRANKS instead?

Nice parody about school with the song "I Dreamed a Dream". -- Musicals, Les Miserables, funny Tumblr post

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

The plight and horror of college finals set to Les Miserables' "I Dreamed A Dream." Damn, that's accurate.

It is without a doubt correct. | This Tumblr Version Of “Les Misérables” Is Hilariously Accurate

This Tumblr Version Of “Les Misérables” Is Hilariously Accurate