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Weird yet useful facts

Weird yet useful facts

The mosquito bite only works with roll on liquid deodorant we use it at the campground all the time<<< Good to know

lol love this thing funny, but true, (not meaning to offend any one with acne)

11 Easy Tips to Wake Up Even Prettier

I just tried it and either was gone completely or almost gone.

Life Hack Put a dab of honey over a zit and cover with a band-aid overnight. When you wake up, the zit will be gone with no scar.

Head & shoulders helps with acne. I have this maybe I need to use it for the stupid stuff on my back and chest.

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Life Hacks Head & Shoulders shampoo not only get rid of dandruff, but it's also great way to get rid of acne on your face/chest/back, thanks to the ingredient pyrithione zinc found in it.

15 Secret To Remove Acne Scars Naturally

Even if it doesn't remove hair, sounds like a delicious body scrub

how to naturally get rid of/treat acne and pimples

DIY Acne Cures, Natural Remedies to Clear Up Pimples Using Food

Beauty tip for clear skin. Made my face super soft! If you want to exfoliate then add a bit of sugar.

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