1. Cyan, 2. Stripbox Grid Full CTO, 3. Blue, 4. Softbox Cyan, 5. Magenta. Using five light sources each of them with some gels.

Testing Out a Rosco Gel Kit for Creative and Colorful Photographic Lighting

I love the strong yellow and red & that their bodies are bluefish besides where these intense lights of yellow/red are coming from

Photographer: Clint Earhart Make-up Artist: Lindsay Ambrosio Model: Brytny Marquez Retouching: Clint Earhart Studio: Dave Neligh

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I wanted to pin this photo to see a professional set up for using lighting gels. Here there is technology used including a stand with the lighting gel over the light which is being bounced onto a stand with lines in to created shadow on the model.

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Quality: Angle- I like how the front/side of her body is bright and lit up with pink and blue light but the back is dimly lit.

I love the different shades of light and how they accent her skin. I just find it amazinv how theirs so many shades in one small space.

Photography by Geoffrey Jones

This portrait uses gel colours on the light box, this creates a colourful portrait as it shows up on the face. Light is centred yet face is at an angle crating shadow.

Dublin Portrait and Fashion Photography - Studio Lighting Tutorial - Rim Light & Color Gels

Studio Lighting Tutorial - Rim Lights & Color Gels

TWiP Talks 50: Using Colored Gels with Jake Hicks - This Week in Photo

Exploring the colorful world of colored gels with Jake Hicks. Learn about this fascinating and classic technique and add a splash of color to your work.

Perfect combination of cut outs and good lighting that my friend is trying to recreate.

Paper cut lampshades are nice and we can use them to make the home look a lot better. These shades can also be different designs if that is something you want.