10 of the world's most eccentric lighthouses

25 Most Bizarre Houses in the World Rising from a precarious chunk of sea rock off the coast of Andros, Greece, the Tourlitis Lighthouse is so whimsical and surreal that it almost looks Photoshopped.

Yaquina Head lighthouse, central Oregon coast: just north of Newport; - tallest lighthouse in Oregon; completed in 1873

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Phare de la Jument à Ouessant (La Jument lighthouse in Brittany at Ouessant island, during the storm Ruzika, 50 knots of wind and a swell furthermore of this day)

New Eddystone Light by Scott Marx *New Eddystone Light Fantasy composite image of t The lighthouse was taken not far from Harbor, Maine and the rest of the scene is of New Eddystone rock, in the Misty Fjords National Monument Alaska.

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Charlotte-Genessee Lighthouse Explored Oct. 25, 2008

I consider myself a travel expert, I've been so many places in the states and Europe. But the outer banks and the south is where my heart is routed. It's coastal. Living for me all the way. The Outer Banks lighthouse