Walt and Lillian Disney

Mrs Walt Disney, Lillian Disney, was born today in They married in 1925 and remained wed until he passed in Lillian passed in Here she is with Walt at their Holmby Hills home in Los Angeles in the early


Julie Andrews, Walt and Lillian Disney with the children who played Jane and Michael Banks

♥ Diane Disney Miller (December 18, 1933 - November 19, 2013) was the elder & only biological daughter of Walt & Lillian Disney.

♥ Diane Disney Miller (December 1933 - November was the elder & only biological daughter of Walt & Lillian Disney. rest in piece diane.

Walt and Lilian Disney spend a moment in a photo booth...

Walt and Lillian Photo Booth Pics ♥ seen these in person @ the Walt Disney Family museum in SF, ca =)


Diane Disney Miller passed away on Nov Walt Disney's eldest daughter, was the inspiration for Disneyland – with her sister – and became champion of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L. She was a well-known philantropist.

The petrified tree (located in front of Tom Sawyer Island) is the oldest thing in the entire park. It was also an anniversary present from Walt Disney to his wife, Lillian Disney.

Walt and Lillian Disney at Disneyland. Walt gifted Lily with this petrified tree stump after she had expressed fascination with the petrified wood during a visit to the Petrified Forest in Colorado.