Walker Halloween Costume - Cute Little Girls Dressed as Old Women..haha so adorable

This cracks me up! Marley's possible costume next Halloween! Little Girls as Old Women ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor

Great way to make a dress! Sew the parts together this way and finish with the side seams ~ This Big Oak Tree: Sweet as a Berry Little Girl Dress {tutorial}

It is so much easier to put a dress together like this and then sew up both sides. This Big Oak Tree: Sweet as a Berry Little Girl Dress {tutorial}. // Add ribbons and you have a quick dress up pattern!

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21 Times Tumblr Totally Knew What You Were Going Through At School

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Little Girl Meme #Betrayed, #Father

Why Have You Betrayed Me Father ! - Funny Pic - Picture , Hilarious Kid Falling In Family Photo

Fat Little Girl

Girls,and guys,you're beautiful! even if people don't see it. You don't need to change yourself. Eat that cookie and drink that juice! Who cares what people think! Just smile and be confident. If you ever want anyone to talk to im here ♡

Funny Meme About Ariana Grande vs. Little Girl

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Disney Scenes That Make You Cry Like A Little Girl @Bliss Betzen WE WERE LITERALLY JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS TODAY

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Its Friday - MEME and LOL

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Who wore it better? The little girl with the doll is too cute!

Who wore it better?

There was actually a guy in one of my ASL classes that had that kind of hair and me and my friend called him 'romen noodle' the whole year

I was bullied because I was a "fat ugly little girl" which, if you've been living with your head up your ass, means societal death as a female

Another reminder that I am not alone--and I think that is less comforting than some might think it would be. It saddens me to know that any child would feel this way about themselves, because it did not make for a healthy teenage experience for me.

This little girl just wants to find the handsome guy. Funny!

People say "children always tell the truth" poor seungyoon XD

Probably laughed harder than I should of hahaha

More mom, more…

haha not sure why I found this so hilarious. spread that shit, REAL good.

Brought a smile to my face because so many of the things listed were me as a little girl!

remember when we were kids and couldn"t wait to grow up? what were we thinking?