In 1972 Liza Minnelli won the Best Actress Oscar for her role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret. The distinct style of the character soon became Minnelli's signature look, and she sported a short black bob, huge eyelashes and dark eye make-up throughout the decade. She topped off the look with a host of glamorous dresses from her close friend Halston, who designed all the costumes for her 1973 show Liza with a 'Z'.

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Insert me....but without a cigarette. I thought it could be cool if you could see the piano in the reflection in the mirror too.

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Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles, Cabaret (Bob Fosse, Such a good movie!

Photography by Andy Warhol Liza Minnelli wearing Halston

Halston by Kenneth Paul Albini Vs. Halston, Polaroid by Warhol, 1977

Liza Minnelli, 1970's.  Please note the Elsa Peretti cuffs, one wider than the other...

Liza Minnelli, 1970s. Life at the top….-via weloverockets (We Had Faces Then)

Peretti Cuffs - Liza Minnelli, What style; note the different Peretti (for Tiffany & Co.) cuffs on each wrist.

Liza Minnelli - Cabaret (1972)

El mini tocador de temporada