Tower of Hanoi math and logic puzzle and solution. Great for kids.

Can You Solve The Tower of Hanoi?

The Tower of Hanoi: Math Logic Puzzle for Kids easy to make from felt and a video of how to do

Logic Games #1

Logic Games #1

Logic Games for the Primary Classroom! Looking for ways to get your students to stretch their brains? Check out these ideas!  via @mbuckets

Logic Games for the Primary Classroom

Magic triangle math puzzle for kids.

Can Your Kids Solve the Magic Triangle Math Puzzle?

Magic triangle math puzzle for kids. Great brain teaser for stretching kids' problem solving!

A fun math logic game for kids in elementary to high school, kids develop math skills, logic thinking, and concentration stamina. Parents and teachers can sign up weekly free news letters with KenKen game challenges tailored at your children's level.

Fun Logic Games for Math Skills - KenKen

KenKen is a fun math logic game for kids, kids develop skills in math, logic, concentration and stamina.

AIMS Education Foundation (Activities Integrating Math and Science) offers hundreds of free math puzzles and printable activity pages designed to give students a fun way to develop divergent thinking, practice math skills, learn persistence, and be creative. This blog is updated with new puzzles and activities almost daily

AIMS Education Foundation- Lots of different puzzles, logic problems and brain teasers!