Wander around Covent Garden, especially when it’s time to get a pint – there seems to be a pub on about every corner, and if the weather’s nice, a crowd to enjoy it with alfresco.

Long Weekend in London? These 12 Tips Will Get You Through

London, Covent Garden - I honestly feel almost as at home in London as I do in Glasgow, despite having lived here for over 20 years. The only reason I haven't just upped and left to live there is the price of living . local job first, then somewhere to

London Christmas lights.  It makes the city even prettier than usual

London - a glimpse of St. Paul's Cathedral A Thomas Lyte Christmas: Luxury Christmas: London at Christmastime

Welcome to Carnaby Street London

Landscape photographer Alex Saunders, creating unique Wall Art 4 U of Scotland and various destinations in Europe. Commissioned Artwork - Have you or your family emigrated from Scotland, and would like to have a personalized wall art landscape photo.

23 London Street Foods to Eat Before You Die

23 London Street Foods Everyone Must Try

London's diverse, busy and eccentric lifestyle has allowed food markets to thrive. Here is a collection of must-try street foods for a foodie on a budget.