Healthy fruit skewer snack for a 1st birthday party

A colorful snack

No Bake Hawaiian Dream Dessert Cups for your next gathering

No-Bake Hawaiian Dream Dessert Cups

No Bake Hawaiian Dream Dessert Cups are fluffy, sweet and creamy as you make your way down to the macadamia nut crust. Great for baby or bridal shower, luau or a barbecue.

Chicken Salad on Hawaiian Rolls; why didnt I do it like this for the bridal shower?! Yum!!!

I like the idea of kahlua pig of teriaki chicken on the Hawaiian sweet bread rolls. :-) Chicken Salad on Hawaiian Rolls;

Summer sand pudding - super easy delicious dessert that's fun & everyone will love!

Summer Sand Pudding

Sand Pudding - made with vanilla wafers, Oreos, vanilla pudding, cool whip and cream cheese.

Cheese Island ~ for tropical themed party

Build a tropical cheese platter presentation for your next pool party or BBQ! Try our Cheddar Island recipe featuring delicious Cabot cheddar.

Hilarious. Little kid sushi. Love it.

Swedish Fish Sushi Candy Treats, we made this in the summer at my sisters house by request of my niece. Still want to make for my class when they fill that " Warm Fuzzy Jar" next time. Thanks for the reminder.