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5 Gorgeous Pet-Safe Houseplants

5 Gorgeous Pet-Safe Houseplants While keeping them alive may be an entirely different story, I have always had a thing for houseplants. I love the instant breath of life they bring into a space;

Rule #1: fill corners with Plants cause that's what looks good in corners

our bedroom : before and after

Majesty Palm Care- 2 inches pea gravel, potting soil, fertilizer 3-1-3 ratio of nitro phos and potassium. Mist bottle daily. Yellow= too much water. Dry=too little water. ~

Majesty Palm Care

I've managed to keep this plant alive for a year and a half.  It reminds me of tropical places even on a cold day.

RAVENEA Potted plant, Majesty palm

RAVENEA potted plant, Majesty palm Diameter of plant pot: 9 ¾ " Height of plant: 55 " Diameter of plant pot: 25 cm Height of plant: 140 cm

Houseplant Care Tips: Majesty Palm Care

Common Name: Majesty Palm Scientific Name: Ravenea rivularis Lighting: Moderate Water: Low to Moderate The Majesty Palm is characterized.